University of Maryland Medical System: Top-Rated Care Near You

The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) stands as a pillar of healthcare excellence in Maryland. Founded in 1984, this private, not-for-profit corporation has grown into a vast network, offering comprehensive medical services across the state. This guide delves into the UMMS story, exploring its hospitals, specialties, patient resources, and its significance within Maryland’s healthcare landscape.

A Network of Expertise: UMMS Hospitals and Specialties

UMMS boasts a network of 13 hospitals, strategically located throughout Maryland. These hospitals encompass a diverse range of specialties, ensuring patients have access to exceptional care close to home.

  • Flagship Hospitals: The crown jewels of UMMS include the renowned University of Maryland Medical Center and its Midtown Campus. These facilities provide top-tier treatment across numerous specialties, consistently ranking high in national healthcare rankings.
  • Community Focus: UMMS extends its reach beyond major cities. Hospitals like the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center and the University of Maryland Laurel Medical Center cater to the needs of suburban and rural communities, offering high-quality primary and specialty care.
  • Specialized Care: UMMS caters to specific healthcare needs through specialized hospitals. The University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute tackles complex musculoskeletal issues, while Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital focuses solely on the well-being of children.

Beyond Hospitals: UMMS Services and Resources

UMMS goes beyond its hospital network, offering a comprehensive range of services to Maryland residents:

  • Primary Care: UMMS understands the importance of preventative care. It provides primary care services through various locations, ensuring patients have a trusted healthcare provider for routine checkups and early intervention.
  • Urgent Care: Life’s unexpected moments require immediate attention. UMMS operates urgent care centers across Maryland, offering prompt medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions.
  • Telehealth: UMMS embraces technological advancements by offering telehealth services. This allows patients to connect with healthcare providers virtually, increasing access to care, especially for those in remote locations.

A Commitment to Maryland: UMMS Mission and Values

UMMS operates under a core mission: “To provide the highest quality care to all patients we serve.” This mission is underpinned by a set of values that define the organization’s approach to healthcare:

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: UMMS strives to create a healthcare environment that is accessible and welcoming to all, regardless of background or circumstance.
  • Compassion and Respect: UMMS prioritizes patient well-being, treating each individual with dignity and understanding.
  • Excellence: UMMS fosters a culture of continuous improvement, aiming to deliver the best possible care based on the latest medical advancements.

Finding the Right Care at UMMS

UMMS offers a user-friendly website to help patients navigate its vast network. The website allows you to:

  • Locate a hospital or care provider: Search by zip code or specialty to find the nearest UMMS facility or doctor.
  • Learn about specific conditions: UMMS provides informative resources on various medical conditions, treatment options, and preventative measures.
  • Manage your health: Patients can access their medical records, schedule appointments, and pay bills online through a secure patient portal.

UMMS: A Beacon of Healthcare Excellence

The University of Maryland Medical System stands as a cornerstone of Maryland’s healthcare landscape. With its network of hospitals, diverse specialties, and commitment to patient well-being, UMMS offers a comprehensive solution for all healthcare needs. Whether seeking preventative care, specialized treatment, or urgent attention, residents of Maryland can rely on UMMS to provide exceptional medical services.

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