Finding Your Way: A Guide to University of Maryland Global Campus Address

The University of Maryland Global Campus Address (UMGC) offers a unique educational experience, catering to students worldwide through its online programs. Unlike traditional universities with a central campus, UMGC operates with a primarily virtual presence. However, this doesn’t mean there are no physical locations associated with the university.

This guide will explore the key locations relevant to UMGC students and visitors, helping you navigate the university’s physical landscape.

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Headquarters in Adelphi, Maryland

The administrative heart of UMGC lies in Adelphi, Maryland. Located at 3501 University Boulevard East, this headquarters houses the President’s Office and various administrative departments. It’s important to note that this location doesn’t offer student services or in-person classes.

Regional Offices and Military Installations

While UMGC prioritizes online learning, it does maintain a limited physical presence in certain locations. These include regional offices across the United States and on some military installations worldwide. These offices typically provide support services for students enrolled in UMGC programs at those locations.

The specific services offered at these regional offices can vary. For the most up-to-date information, it’s recommended to consult the UMGC website or contact the specific office directly.

Considerations for Online Students

Since most UMGC students participate in online programs, the university’s physical locations may not be a primary concern. However, there can be situations where knowing about these locations proves beneficial.

  • Examinations: Some UMGC programs might require proctored exams. The university can often arrange for these exams to be taken at testing centers near your location.
  • Commencement Ceremonies: UMGC occasionally holds commencement ceremonies for graduating students. While many students participate virtually, these ceremonies can be a special occasion for some to attend in person.

Finding the Information You Need

For the most current details on UMGC locations and services offered at each site, it’s best to consult the university’s official resources. Here are some helpful starting points:

  • UMGC Locations webpage: This webpage provides an overview of UMGC’s physical locations, including the headquarters and regional offices.
  • UMGC Contact Us page: This page offers various contact information for UMGC, including phone numbers and email addresses. You can use these resources to reach out to the university directly with any location-specific inquiries.


The University of Maryland Global Campus prioritizes online education, offering flexibility and accessibility to students worldwide. While the university doesn’t have a traditional central campus, it does maintain a headquarters in Adelphi, Maryland, and regional offices in specific locations. Understanding these locations and their purposes can be valuable for UMGC students depending on their program requirements and needs. By utilizing the resources provided by UMGC, you can easily navigate the university’s physical landscape and access the support services available at each location.

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