This planet in the Milky Way is the hottest

1. Venus ranks as the hottest planet due to its thick atmosphere, creating a runaway greenhouse effect.

2. Surface temperatures reach up to 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471 degrees Celsius).

3. Greenhouse gases trap heat, causing immense surface temperatures.

4. Atmospheric pressure on Venus is about 92 times greater than Earth's.

5. Despite being farther from the sun than Mercury, Venus is hotter due to its atmosphere.

6. The thick clouds on Venus contribute to its high temperatures by trapping heat.

7. Its surface is hot enough to melt lead.

8. Venus experiences no significant temperature changes between day and night due to its thick atmosphere.

9. Its high surface temperatures make it inhospitable for life as we know it.

10. Venus' extreme heat comes from the trapping of infrared radiation by its dense atmosphere.