leo Day 1 Collection Worldwide: जवान भी हो गई धुआँ-धुआँ इसके आगे

Record-Breaking Debut

Leo amasses ₹145 crore globally on its first day, setting new Tamil film standards.

Global Triumph

Leo's first-day collection echoes its universal appeal, captivating audiences worldwide.

Historical Feat

Staggering ₹145 crore marks Leo's unprecedented opening, making it a cinematic milestone.

Overseas Marvel

Leo's massive box office success extends beyond Indian borders, proving its international allure.

Tamil Cinema Landmark

Leo's colossal debut signifies a groundbreaking moment in the history of Tamil cinema.

Universal Acclaim

Vijay's Leo amasses unparalleled first-day earnings, celebrated by fans globally.

Industry Impact

Leo's global collections reflect its cinematic brilliance, establishing a new industry standard.

Audience Enthrallment

Leo's magnetic allure captivates viewers worldwide, driving its extraordinary day one earnings.

International Recognition

Leo's box office triumph is recognized globally, underscoring its universal cinematic appeal.

Global Box Office King

Leo's ₹145 crore debut positions it as the reigning monarch of worldwide box office collections.

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