Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room Hyderabad Reviews

Address: Gate no. 3, Ground floor, Salarpuria Sattva Knowledge City, Hitech City, Durgam Cheruvu Rd, near Gate No. 3, Silpa Gram Craft Village, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Owner's Presence: The owner's active involvement in suggesting orders enhances the dining experience.

Professional Service: Waiter Hasim displays professionalism, contributing to a positive atmosphere.

Value for Money: The restaurant offers exceptional value for money, ensuring a satisfying visit.

Vegetarian Variety: The extensive vegetarian menu stands out, providing diverse and delightful options.

Exclusive Focus: The restaurant's focus on vegetarian offerings is refreshing and impressive.

Ambiance and Experience: The establishment delivers a dining experience worth revisiting, thanks to its ambiance.

Culinary Diversity: The rich diversity of vegetarian selections guarantees a unique culinary adventure.

Authenticity: Burma Burma in Hyderabad maintains authentic Burmese flavors, delighting Burmese visitors.

Helpful Staff: Staff members like Mr. Sajid and Mr. Kalyan are polite, helpful, and attentive, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Continued Excellence: The restaurant's high standards on its opening day suggest a promising future, enticing future visits

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