10 Best Vegan Krispy Kreme in Australia

1. Carina's Kitchen: Perth's vegan bakery specializes in oversized donuts with flavors like cherry jam, vanilla custard, maple honeycomb, and caramelized white chocolate.

2. Donut Worry: Perth-based shop offers daily fresh vegan donuts in cinnamon, biscoff, jam, and maple syrup flavors, topped with delightful toppings.

3. Honey's Bakehouse: Perth bakery offers vegan delights like red velvet and Ferrero Rocher donuts, along with vegan pastries such as croissants and muffins.

4. La Vida Vegan: Perth cafe offers glazed, chocolate, and filled vegan donuts alongside vegan burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

5. Daniels Donuts: Perth-based shop crafts fresh vegan donuts in flavors like glazed, cinnamon, raspberry jam, chocolate, lemon, and strawberry, with various toppings.

6. Goldeluck's Doughnuts: Victoria-based donut shop offers vegan glazed, cinnamon, and filled donuts, paired with vegan milkshakes like chocolate and strawberry.

7. San Remo Bakehouse: Victoria bakery serves vegan glazed, chocolate, and filled donuts, alongside vegan pies, cakes, and sandwiches.

8. The Oakleigh Doughnut Co.: Victoria-based shop offers the "OG" vegan donut, topped with delicious options, freshly made daily.

9. Happy Days Donuts: Victoria-based donut shop offers glazed, chocolate, cinnamon, and filled vegan donuts, complemented by vegan pies, cakes, and sandwiches.

10. The Merrywell: Victoria cafe serves a variety of vegan donuts (glazed, chocolate, filled) and other dishes like burgers, sandwiches, and salads.