10 Best Places to Eat Mutton Biryani in Telangana

10. Jewel of Nizam: Fine-dining experience offering some of Hyderabad's finest mutton biryani, cooked to perfection using premium ingredients.

9. Hotel Nayaab: Known for authentic Hyderabadi biryani, slow-cooked with basmati rice and a unique spice combination.

8. Shah Ghouse Hotel: A century-old establishment, serving delicious biryani with a traditional spice blend.

7. Cafe Bahar: Popular for affordable options, their mutton biryani stands out as a budget-friendly choice.

6. Chicha's: A modern take on biryani, offering a unique spice blend to add a twist to traditional flavors.

5. Grand Hotel: Fine-dining spot praised for its meticulously cooked mutton biryani using top-quality ingredients.

4. Meridian Biryani: Known for its variety of biryanis; their mutton biryani combines tender meat, fragrant rice, and flavorful spices.

3. Bawarchi Restaurant: A family legacy of 60 years, serving delectable biryani with a special, inherited spice blend.

2. Hotel Shadab: Offers traditional Hyderabadi biryani, slow-cooked with basmati rice, and a unique spice blend for a distinctive taste.

1. Paradise Biryani: Renowned for its authentic and delicious mutton biryani prepared with fragrant rice and a flavorful spice blend.

10 Best Places to Eat Mutton Biryani in Andhra Pradesh