10 Best Places to Eat Mutton Biryani in Puducherry

10. Bismillah Biryani: Puducherry's hub for traditional Hyderabadi-style biryani, boasting rich gravy and long-grained basmati rice.

9. Biryani Pot: Puducherry hub for ample, pocket-friendly biryani servings loved by aficionados.

8. Feast Point: Seafood-centric Puducherry eatery offering perfected mutton biryani alongside diverse Indian favorites.

7. Lighthouse Rooftop Grill: Offers stunning views in Puducherry alongside delectable Indian and international cuisine, featuring tender mutton biryani.

6. Sri Aurobindo Ashram Restaurant: Offers diverse veg/non-veg fare in Puducherry, including fresh, wood-fired mutton biryani.

5. Biryani House: Popular biryani destination in Puducherry, serving authentic, generously portioned flavorful dishes.

4. Aryaas: Puducherry eatery famed for fiery, aromatic Chettinad-style biryani packed with traditional spices and herbs.

3. New Paradise Biryani: Renowned for Hyderabadi-style biryani in Puducherry, boasting long-grained basmati rice and flavorful gravy.

2. Biryani Corner: Casual hotspot in Puducherry, praised for sizable, budget-friendly biryani portions for enthusiasts.

1. Appachi: Puducherry gem known for Chettinad cuisine, featuring aromatic mutton biryani with tender meat and rich gravy.