10 Best Places to Eat Mutton Biryani in Bengaluru

10. Biryani House: Popular takeaway spot; their packaged mutton biryani ensures a successful biryani night.

9. Meghana Foods: Known for biryani perfect for family gatherings, pleasing every palate at the table.

8. Lazeez: Offers a casual dining experience; mutton biryani cooked with fresh ingredients to perfection.

7. Empire Restaurant: Ideal for special occasions, their mutton biryani is served with raita to impress guests.

6. Rahhams: Renowned for Hyderabadi-style biryani, boasting a tantalizing spice blend.

5. Mani's Dum Biryani: Popular for locals and tourists; slow-cooked mutton biryani yields incredibly tender and flavorful meat.

4. Shivaji Military Hotel: Hidden gem offering wood-fired mutton biryani with a distinct smoky flavor.

3. Nagarjuna: Local favorite for Andhra-style biryani; generous portions of meat and spices ensure satisfaction.

2. Ambur Star Biryani: Known for authentic Ambur-style biryani with a unique spice blend.

1. The Paradise Biryani: Iconic spot for biryani lovers; mutton biryani boasts tender meat, fragrant rice, and delightful spices.