10 Best Places to Eat Mutton Biryani in Andhra Pradesh

10. Hotel New Grand, Nellore: Popular spot for varied biryanis; the must-try is their flavorful mutton biryani.

9. Hotel Swagath, Kurnool: Renowned for authentic Hyderabadi mutton biryani slow-cooked to perfection.

8. Hotel Chariot, Warangal: Family-owned gem with over 30 years of biryani expertise, promising a delightful spice blend.

7. Ujwala Grand, Warangal: Offers diverse biryani options, including a flavorful mutton biryani with fragrant rice.

6. The Grand Kakatiya, Warangal: Known for its exquisite mutton biryani, prepared with finesse and top-quality ingredients.

5. Golden Palace, Vijayawada: Affordable gem serving delicious mutton biryani for budget-conscious diners.

4. Bawarchi Biryani, Vijayawada: A legacy of 60 years, their mutton biryani boasts a unique, time-honored spice blend.

3. Minerva Grand, Vijayawada: Varied biryani selection featuring fragrant rice, tender meat, and rich spices.

2. Ohri's Banjara, Vijayawada: Fine dining offering top-notch mutton biryani crafted with premium ingredients.

1. Paradise Biryani, Vijayawada: Renowned for authentic, fragrant mutton biryani with tender meat and flavorful spices.